CORE Selling Skills

3 Days

This course will provide attendees with the fundamental skills needed to be successful in the hospitality sales arena. Topics Include: pipeline overwhelm, steps to prioritize leads. Communication fundamental, including first impressions, discovery calls, follow-up priority, winning proposals, quicker closes and handling competition and objections. 

At the conclusion of this program your sales team will leave with a clear focus and the tools necessary to achieve sales goals. 

This class is recommended for all sales managers and conference coordinators.

prospecting P.a.c.e

1 Days

Attendees will leave this session with a strategic outreach plan that enables them to pursue high level accounts immediately. Topic Include: mindset matters understanding what the top 1% earners do differently; identifying the ideal prospect, three mistakes managers make when prospecting; farming vs. hunting; getting friendly with the competition and strategies for nurturing evergreen accounts. Attendees will also expand their prospecting strategies to include dealing with indifference, ghosting & how to use texting & video responses in the prospecting process.

This class is recommended for catering and group sales managers

closing wedding sales

2 Days

This course will provide attendees with insightful skills needed to be successful specifically in the wedding and social sales. Topics Include: understanding the new COVID customer and post pandemic market. How to spot the customer that is your ideal match; how to avoid getting ghosted; standing out in a crowded market, how to position your services above the rest; educating couples on the optimum way to get the wedding of their dreams at your property. Price resistance and objections, role playing strategies to overcome; Negotiating approaches that work, when to walk away and quicker closes.

This class is recommended for all catering sales managers and coordinators whose market is in the wedding and social sales arena.

hitting the wall: Negotiations

2 Days

Attendees will leave this session with the advanced skills to negotiate through common objections in the sales process. Topics Include: understanding and minimizing customer concerns, price justification & terms, creative problem solving and common solutions. This advanced level course will expand attendees’ negotiation skills beyond the basics, tackling some of the most difficult negotiation scenarios sales professionals can expect as the industry rebounds This training is based on the philosophy of selling with integrity and solutions oriented customer service. 

This class is recommended for catering and group sales managers, in addition to department coordinators.

Connecting the dots: UPSELLING

1 Day

Just because the event is booked, doesn’t mean you stop selling! Using a simple 3 step process catering venue sales and service managers will be educated on valuable upsell techniques that include: How to identify underutilized streams of revenue at your hotel, venue or property. How to leverage 3rd party vendor resources as profit centers within your in house packages. This robust course is designed to measurably increase your post booking revenue!

This class is recommended for catering service managers and EMM or other coordinator level associates.


1 Day

This class will direct attendees on how to breakthrough limiting beliefs, identify a fixed versus a growth mindset and set a clear vision to achieve massive goals, personally or professionally. The objective is for each team member to walk away with a solid plan to foster their professional development along with an inspiring Vision Statement that will be custom crafted to establish their North Star for the next 12 months.

This class is recommended for all department associates who are looking to reset their focus and renew their professional passion!