In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we understand your business needs have changed. We are here for you – by your side, every step of the way: changing, adapting and refining our services to support your new needs. 

Competitive Surveys

This is the ideal time to understand your position in the marketplace. How do your packages and prices line up with your competition? Many businesses don’t have the time or resources to get an in-depth look at the full range of services their competition may offer. Whether it’s pricing and collateral, or how a sales team responds to a new inquiry, let us do the fact-finding and gather the critical info that will give you an edge.

leadership lean-in

A strategic partnership designed to bring your leadership team back on track building your sales pipeline. Over the course of 4 weeks you will receive daily touches that include sales strategies, video check-ins, prospecting ideas, accountability calls, motivational tips and more!


Posing as a viable first-time customer we are able to gain an understanding of your Sales Manager’s or Service Manager’s application of need-based selling skills. We provide a detailed coaching assessment in order to applaud the areas of strength and re-direct focus toward any areas required for improvement. The goal of these individual tune-ups is to increase conversions and identify any missed sales opportunities.

reservation re-boot

This virtual skills-based program is designed to re-boot the reservationist from order taker to sales agent! The training focus is on proper call handling, increasing conversion ratios and maximizing ADR.   The tens of thousands of actual reservation calls conducted by HMS served as the research base for the skills taught in this class. Reservations sales agents learn the important core sales communication skills they need to quickly gain a prospective caller’s interest and commitment to book the hotel, at optimal prices.



We understand that many sales leadership positions have been eliminated due to the devastating impact of the global pandemic. HMS is available to provide outsourced leadership, sales or catering manpower.  Our certified sales trainers are also experienced former Directors and  can help temporarily fill the leadership role within your organization . Via weekly video conferences, your dedicated sales consultant may review sales opportunities, focus prospecting efforts, provide motivation, accountability and stability during this season of transition.

catering covid PREPAREDNESS

Let HMS help you better prepare your catering department for the future of in-person meetings and events. This 1-hour video conference compiles the most up-to-date information to help you prepare your sales, banquet and culinary teams most efficiently in order to get back-to-business. We will cover the outlook of the catering industry for 2020, changes to anticipate, best practices for FOH, BOH and sales managers, resource guides and an employee health status statement form.

virtual training

Whether your team will continue to work from home or in the office, our virtual training service will maximize their selling time, while sharpening the skills needed to capitalize on all incoming opportunities. Choose any of our essential training courses or take advantage of a custom program tailored to your current needs. Popular training topics include: Prospecting, Overcoming Objections and Selling through the Stall. 


Like the sales Coach and Calibrate we pose as a viable  customer; leisure or transient guest in this case. Through the reservation call process, we evaluate the reservation sales agent’s salesmanship and technical skills.  We provide a detailed coaching assessment in order to applaud the areas of strength and re-direct focus toward any areas for improvement. The goal of these check-ups is to increase conversion and identify any missed up-sell opportunities.


Amplify your rebound strategy with this 1-hour video conference. This session  compiles the most up-to-date information to prepare your Group Sales Managers to rebound. Topics covered include:  Current Group Trends, What are clients considering, Assurances Planners Need to Get Over the Booking Hurdle, How Sales Strategies are Changing, and Prospecting Insights.


Does your front line team (reservation agents, operators, guest service agents) know the COVID safety protocols currently in place? Are they able to fluidly and confidently answer all questions related to the precautions and preparations that been implemented to safely welcome guests back? Is your team  mirroring the management’s approved responses? Every single call into your property is a rapport building moment & prospective revenue opportunity. Our Responsiveness Call Testing will ensure those opportunities are not missed!