Faith vs. Fear

With April comes the introduction of a new month, the spring season, the Easter holidays and the beginning of another 30 days of social distancing! Now that the initial shock of this pandemic has settled into our new reality, hospitality team leaders are beginning to look further into the quarter and make projections of the coming economic landscape. In the past week, I have been able to talk to many team leaders. While the responses varied for each organization, one thing was clear: we are all navigating uncharted territory, which often translates internally as fear. 

Conversations have shifted from our initial short-term response to focus on our strategy for the remainder of 2020. Many organizations are looking at significant reductions in sales team rosters, while others are faced with the challenge of re-opening entirely. Directors are stepping up to take on huge roles and responsibilities running their entire sales department independently, making business predictions for Q3 & Q4, manning the front desk, and even assisting with housekeeping! Directors are often entrusted with their position as a result of their exceptional problem-solving skills, but when problem-solving gets all of our focus as an organization, it breeds a level of fear in everything we do. “What will happen if we don’t re-open by June 1st?” “What will we do if we can’t hire our entire sales team back?” “How will we nurture our existing accounts while still booking new business?”

These, and many other questions, might be keeping you up at night, manifesting as an undercurrent of Fear. While I would like to address these in more specific detail in a follow-up newsletter, for now, I want to encourage you to re-direct your energy to have Faith and not Fear. We often associate the word Faith with religion, but Webster defines Faith

  • a firm belief in something for which there is no proof.
  • complete trust

There is much about this pandemic for which we have no proof, but we believe to be true. It’s time we remind ourselves of those truths and have Faith they will come to pass. We have Faith that we will flatten the curve. Faith that a vaccine will be found. Faith that our borders will be opened again. Faith that as humans, we will grow in compassion and genuine hospitality for one another. Faith we will demonstrate in many ways, including the support of each other’s businesses. Faith that our fellow Americans will unite to reinvigorate our economy to be even greater than it was before

Faith, during this season of the unknown, is what is going to enable us to grow, develop, and strengthen our mental fortitude. That will bring us back into the workforce as warriors! Faith may not entirely replace our Fear, but when that moment of doubt creeps in, I am reminded of another meaning for Fear:

  •  Face
  • Everything
  • And
  • Rise Up!

We can Face Everything and Rise Up. We can lead a smaller team. We can find more ways to be efficient with our workforce. We can become experts at time management. We can produce in a highly competitive market. We can maintain relationships and still book business. We can produce massive results! We are on the precipice of having to turn these statements into reality. Now is the time to solidify your Faith in yourself, your Executive Leadership, your team, your culture, and your organization. When you lead from a place of unwavering Faith, you will instill a culture of confidence around you, and produce greater results than you imagine. One of my favorite quotes by Patrick Overton during difficult times:  

“When you come to the edge of all the light you have known and are about to step out into the darkness, Faith is knowing one of two things will happen…. There will be something to stand on or you will be taught how to fly.”

This is my message to Directors today.

Keep the Faith. We WILL get through it together.

Author: Kate FosterCWC, CMP

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